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Could your driveway use a little work to make it more appealing? If so, then contact Salonna & Son Masonry to work on your driveway.


While we're at it, we can give your steps and sidewalk a little makeover too. A little tender love and care will go a long way.

Driveway, sidewalks, steps

Driveway, sidewalks, steps

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Prepare your patio for the summer time by making sure it's beautiful enough to use while entertaining.


Call us to get your patio work done and make your property stand out from your neighbors. We can also pave your walkways and fix

those cracks.


Patios and paver walkways

Patios and paver walkways

If you're looking for a way to get your mailbox back into shape, we can help you with a little concrete work.


Let us help you get the exterior of your home looking good as new. Whether you need some repairs on your walls or bars, we are equipped to handle them both.


Mailbox, walls and bars

Mailbox, walls and bars

Looking to upgrade your property?

Don't settle for anything less than the best. You'll get a father and son company that's been offering complete masonry services for over 35 years.

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