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Keep the water

out of your


Your basement is the most likely place in your home to suffer from water damage. Because basements are on the ground floor, it is an easy target for flooding and leaks.

Prepare your basement ahead of time to make sure it is properly waterproofed. Don’t wait until you have a serious problem to seek help with your waterproofing.


• French drains

• Tanking

• External systems

• Sump pumps

• Mold/mildew stain removal

Basement waterproofing service

Make sure your new home has a dry basement

If you are a new homeowner and looking to have your basement waterproofed, give us a call. We can make sure your basement stays dry and its contents protected.

If you are unsure whether your basement is waterproofed, we can help you figure it out. You may not be able to tell just by looking, but we have the necessary equipment to see what is going on with your basement.

We can check your basement for you

We take pride in doing quality work at competitive prices.

Call today to set up an appointment for your masonry services or to request your FREE estimate!


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